This is a true story about a gay man who was married to a heterosexual woman. Thank you Sutapa for your feisty courage and honesty to share this. Trust me, a lot of people don’t have it in them to bare their ragged truth stuffed behind the veil of fake happiness.

‘The wind coursed along the floor upsetting the curtains around half past 8 pm. I was sitting on a bed using my brother’s laptop. There were constant online pings in the window of the laptop. As I leaned over to pull the laptop down, I felt a shock of desire pass through me. All the pop ups were sex chats but from gay world. I assumed either he could be a bisexual or a gay.

My mom calls up in an upsetting tone and shares the news that this cousin of mine getting divorced within a span of 6-8 months of the holy plunge. I was surprised and shocked. I had attended the marriage, it was such a big affair for my paternal aunt (my dad’s own sister). Why did the marriage go kaput? I was in good terms with my cousin’s wife. One day I pinged her on Facebook and later called her.

To my horror she shared her sex ordeals with her husband. My cousin had initially avoided penetrative sex with his wife. Later while having sex with his wife (missionary position), he would be constantly with some male over the phone. This saga continued and there was never a union of soul between them ever happened.

While after visiting her parents when she returned to her in-laws place, she would discover kinky stuffs. She questioned her husband and to her dismay she found that her husband’s friend would always visit her in her absence! The husband always mistreated her and never respected or reciprocated her feelings. In spite of all these misfortunes she was a good obedient dutiful daughter in law. All this misconduct and sexual disparity led to separation and finally divorce. The most horrifying thing my cousin said that his wife is of no good character so that he can garner sympathy. So he is getting divorce. But the truth is the girl filed the case 1st.

Many days later, I received sms from my ex- boyfriend requesting me to check the obscene smses my cousin was sending him then. The smses were all sex starved but meant for a boy. Yes, my cousin was lusting my ex -boyfriend.

Sometime afterwards my aunt visited my place and she was lamenting why she got her pious son married to that nymphomaniac. I got furious and charged my aunt. I was curt and said to my aunt “that your son is a gay and a coward. In-fact your daughter in law is the victim and the sufferer.” I severed all my ties with cousin though I speak with my aunt. The girl is now happily married with other man and has a baby from him.

Looking back, I feel that the entire relationship wreckage happened because the man feared to come out, the parents were ashamed in accepting their son’s gay sexuality and in all this turmoil, an innocent girl’s life was put at stake. Homosexuality is just one of the many sexual identities that exist in this world. It is nothing to be ashamed of.