As a child, I had the first claim on food cooked and ordered for special occasions. Father bought Spongy jaggery Rôshogollas in Clay Handi from ‘Deshbandhu Sweets’ on his way back home from the office, whenever guests were due to arrive.

The count of Rôshogollas was one per family member and guests plus few more in case someone wants to have an extra serving. That ‘someone’ was always the guest for whom this whole affair was set up. The Rôshogollas were kept in the fridge and were served chilled in dinner. In case that ‘someone’ chose not to have them because he is a diabetic or could not eat due to bad stomach, a handful of them remained at the end.

The next morning, I would wake up, hurriedly brush my teeth, and opened the fridge to savor those Rôshogollas alone. I would ask Ma if she wants to eat them but she always said ‘No’. As a child, I thought that Ma dislikes ALL tasteful things, mawa sweets, chocolates, halva, paneer masala, etc. I would have no guilt in relishing those delicacies.

Time leaped and I grew up to become a mother. Yesterday, I cooked fruit custard, a dessert my kid loves. Learning from my experience of childhood when delicacies will be cooked in small quantities because of the cost, I always make generous amounts of food so that everyone can have as much as they want. But still, sometimes that calculation also fails.

So my 6 year old son, who usually eats less, had only custard for the dinner and there was less left for us. And how I realize that I’ve started disliking most mouth-watering dishes that my son wants to have bountiful.