6 years back, my ex-husband suggested creating an email account for our newborn. The idea was to mail pictures and other memorabilia that he will grow up to cherish.

Over a period of time, the email account evolved from a mere album to a medium to share my life-learnings and unconditional love for my son. In the precarious times, we live in, there is a dearth of love around. I anticipate this void becoming bigger as the son grows. The email is a diary that I maintain for my son, to gift him on his 16th B’day. It will be a living reminder of my lifelong love and concern for him. Sharing one such email that I wrote to him 2 years back.


You are very small and it tears my heart to even think of making you go through this ordeal of separation.

I’m sorry son for this. But I know that such adverse circumstances, albeit harsh will make my son the person he should be. A person of character, a person of determination, having fought and surpassed all difficulties early in the life.

Chikoo you are my soul, my heart, my body, my everything. My only treasure.

I have deliberated something great for you. Introduce you to reading. I guess this is the right age for you to be introduced to the world of books.

Reading is a very engaging and learning activity. Learning not in the sense of education but awareness. You are very small right now to understand it’s profound impact but very soon you will discover son.