I’m guilty of exercising my ‘CLASS’ today. Remember those days! when we had those upper class, lower class, untouchables, shudras, kshatriyas, brahmins. Yes, I’ve successfully inherited that ostracization and vanity in my DNA and it has made me commit an offence today. And yet the class factor is so deeply ingrained in me that I feel hesitant to apologize to the sufferer and am just content with a deep remorse.

It so happened that I went to the washroom of my workplace, a place where I’m one of the top league. I was careful to wipe out the seat but looks like 1-3 drops lay there unnoticed to me. As I exited the door, the lady who was waiting next went in and then came outside at the same time. She used the adjacent toilet. Probably she had seen those urine drops.

The washroom cleaner, a chirpy little affectionate girl ‘Gowri’ who I consider as my dear friend, was anxious as to why she did not get in. ‘Gowri’ is so immaculate and disciplined in discharging her duties, she cannot fathom someone raising a question on her cleanliness. I realized then that probably the seat was not completely cleaned but I felt it ‘Dishonorable’ to go back in front of that subordinate and clean that seat. So I left the washroom knowing that Gowri would clean my dirt. I hope to muster the courage to apologize to you Gowri someday and I will bring chocolates for you tomorrow.