Having a 6-year-old kid in the house leaves you with little time, energy, and brain to do something else. Plus the long distance partner who demands my unequivocal attention when he is in town. This afternoon, we made the kid sleep early so that we get some intimate time for cuddling and lovemaking. And just when we were getting into it, the absolute silence kicked my mind. I’m running behind my sexuality education coursework and felt this is the perfect time to bring out my books from shelves.

As I toyed with the idea, the partner realized that I’m not interested anymore in the intimate activity. I told him the reason and he kind of not taken it too well. He left home for a walk in the garden and I’m mulling on why he did not understand that. Looks like there is a huge need for sexuality education at my home as well.

The underlying problem here was of consent, where we agree to do something not wholeheartedly but to keep our loved ones happy. I consented to it, in the beginning* as it would keep him happy but pulled back in between as I could no longer deal with it. And I think I have all rights to withdraw consent even if I have given it in the beginning. It is my consent. I should not have to ask for it.