I read somewhere, that human beings have a virgin tendency for violence. This apothegm is so true for me. Tonight while returning home from work, I and my live-in partner had a small argument in the auto-rickshaw. It so happened that he wanted to show me a video that he had directed and I replied that I am tired. It infuriated him and he accused me of pretense.

His accusation blew my lid off and triggered a war of words between us. I have stopped being patient with accusations. I threw his ring and asked him to give back my ring. I asked him to leave the house as I pay the rent. My mother tried for a truce but she failed. It was 9 PM. The partner went for a bath and I in order to pretend that I’m unaffected by this whole melodrama went to the kitchen to get food, alone.

While I was pouring potato curry in my bowl, and the partner showered in the bathroom, something hit me. I remembered all those times we spent together and shared our delights and sorrows. All those times when supported me unconditionally. I weighed the love and this sudden surge of enmity and love took a precedence.

I left the half served food in the plate and hastily went towards the bathroom. I started banging on the door anxiously, one, two, three, I kept knocking until he opened the door. There he was, bare-chested, a towel wrapped around his waist, drenched in shower drops.

I forgot who is going to win in this battle of right or wrong, and in full clothes embraced him. He was puzzled for a moment but then held me. His shower drops permeated through my clothes and we both were soaked in that nourishment of joy. Fights are ecstatic 🙂 Our differences continue.

As I came outside of the bathroom soaked completely in full clothes, mother saw me. She asked me ‘How come you have become wet?’ I gave her a faint smile and she understood the reason.