Breast, cervical, ovarian and uterine cancer account for more than 70% of the cancers in women in India. And over 90% of these cancers are linked to lifestyle choices about health and hygiene. Still, there’s an overarching shame among women when it comes to caring and tending to their private parts. Primarily because these are private parts. I a 34 year old woman only recently learned to love and appreciate my vulva. And in the process I also learned the importance of self-care and vaginal hygiene.

I think it was a 2 day vulva feast. For those who do not know what a vulva is, the vulva is the complete female genital package. It consists of :

  • Labia (those beautiful petal like lips)
  • Clitoris (the knob at the top)
  • Vagina (holy grail of sexual pleasure)

It so happened that I had too much of sex in last 3 days. The constant brushing in and out of condom created a severe rash in my genitals. Initially I thought of it is a strong sexual urge as I uncontrollably yearned to rub and scrub my genital. I complained this to my partner that he has made me a sex addict.

But last night, after a continuous scrubbing of my genital with my very own hands, I suspected it to be something else. I asked my partner to look down and check what it is. As regrettably I cannot see my own genital. I asked him to photograph a picture of my genital in a zoom lens. He did so and I marveled when I saw those beatific pictures.

My genital looked like a landscape in wilderness. A place where few dared to stay. No wonder most men have a low erection :). A pink valley with cliffs and coasts. It looked fresh like a fluffy candy floss. There were circuitous coils of skin folds reaching up to an abyss. The skin folds looked soft like a warm velvet blanket used in winters. I squinted to see inside the abyss but it was unclear, like a cloud. At that moment, I literally fell in love with my genital. I then pampered my hurting vulva through :

Oodles of Boroplus

I emptied Boroplus, an antiseptic cream and applied it generously on my genital area. I then lightly massaged it with my finger tips. The pain would not lessen and soon the entire Boroplus cream was squeezed out.

Hot Water

I suspected it to be a fungal infection and decided to wash my genital with hot water. I warmed a small bucket of water with immersion rod. And then sat on my haunches. I lathered white coconut soap on my genital and then poured mug full of lukewarm water on it. The warm gush of water rinsed my genitals and left them dew like. I repeated this ritual of lathering, pouring, and rinsing for about fifteen minutes. After that I soaked the leftover water drops in a lavender colored hand towel.

Warm Cotton Pad

I came back to my bedroom wearing only a black t-shirt that reached up to my buttocks. I sat on the bed and plugged in the steam iron. As it turned hot I pressed a cotton cloth pad on the iron for a minute. When the cloth pad became warmed, I compressed the cloth on the sore muscles of my genital. I did about 10 rounds of compress.

As I rose, the comfort I felt down was ethereal. My genital felt light like a thin silk curtain that flows and flies out of the window from a gentle breeze. I danced and twirled on the bedroom floor like a free flowing prose. Singing ‘My vagina is happy. My vagina is happy’ as my partner gave me a blank look.

Ladies! Vaginas are beautiful, do not ignore them. It is important to love them and keep them healthy and clean. We spend oodles of fairness creams, tubes of face wash, and face packs to keep our skin clean. Our vaginas also need the same attention! Pamper them and relish the magic and be cancer-safe!