Riya, Shreyansh, Names not changed. Sex is not something for which you have to change your name while doing it. Yesterday, the partner asked me to go on a quick notice to a nearby hotel to make inquiries for bulk business booking. He asked me to get some pictures clicked of the rooms and reception.

I asked the manager to do the needful while I waited at the reception, placing my elbows on the visitor register. The register was open and I happen to look at it. Inquisitive as I’m, I scrolled through all the details on that page and was perplexed by the age(s) mentioned. 95% of the entries on that register were of couples, a girl and boy each from the age group 18-22.

Dhruv-Shikha – 20
Udayan-Prerna – 21
Riya-Sreyansh – 18 
Naive as I a soon to become 35 year old woman, I wondered why these young kids who reside in the same city checked in these hotels? It took me a time to figure out that these kids are couple-pairs. And that the check in is for the same day. Oh premarital sex is the business model here. The hotel manager informed that he charges 800 Rs from these couples for 1-2 hours whereas standard rates for the hotel is 1500 Rs for a complete day. High profits earned on the back of fear and judgement? 

I was both saddened and delighted because of this. Delighted because the young couples are following their hearts and getting what they want. Unbridled, unrestrained pleasure. But saddened thinking at sheer no. of heartbreaks that might result after the bottle has been popped up and pleasure has fizzled and because of the insecure surroundings in which an 18 year old is losing her virginity. Can sex, a moment of passion, a physical expression of emotional intimacy be done away with in 1-2 hours? Quickly removing clothes, having a foreplay deprived intercourse, no sweet conversations to follow with, and then zipping pants up?

I believe the situation hints that parents of these secret couples are living in denial. Priding on the intact hymen and night fall in the underwear of their daughters and sons respectively. Wouldn’t it do good if parents permit their adult kids to act out their lovemaking fantasies at home? First it will safeguard their kids from a potential raid in the hotel and second if the kid will be permitted to bring their lover at home, they would be more careful in choosing the person they wish to be intimate with.
Parents think again!