Uncertainty begets desire; thrill comes from mild discomfort. Last afternoon as I think of it, my fingers quiver as I pen this.

Seldom do you get a chance to be all wild and crazy in a family. With children in house it becomes even more difficult. To let your hair down and be an animal. Make home a jungle. As adults, we have to lead by example and this causes an immense strain on our minds and our natural love drive. I too am no exception.

I’m a mother and sometimes I reminisce about how I was a decade back, in my twenties. I remember taking decisions in the spur of the moment. Sitting in the office, I would suddenly decide to surprise my then boyfriend who lived in a different city and then I boarded an inter-city bus in the evening to meet him. I vividly remember the puzzled expression on his face as he answered the doorbell.


Cut to present. My life is more planned and sometimes I detest it. I like to be unaccountable, burn all bridges, go untraceable. Doing something which I could never imagine in my wildest dreams. Like the old adage; what you seek is seeking you. Yesterday afternoon was one such moment.

My child goes for tuition between 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. In winters, the near Siberian weather makes me lazier. I refuse to come out of sheets before 12:00 PM and then the quotidian chores have to be finished off. Mother is not here and so the entire burden has fallen on my listless shoulders. The clock chimed 2:00 PM before I readied the brunch; cleaned the room; and did the dishes. The maid took an unpleasant off. Smudged icing on the stale cake? Well! My tired body yearned for a hot bath. It’s been half a week that I have shampooed my hair. So I switched the geyser on and went in the bathroom with a lavender colored towel. Before going for a bath, I checked on my partner who was having his lunch. The man of the house normally takes around 15-20 minutes to finish his lunch, as he scrolls his phone in parallel.

‘That much time is enough for me to have a bath and come out. Why to trouble the creaking, old plastic bathroom door with a broken hinge?’

I thought and decided to leave the door open as I bathed. I undressed myself and dropped the wore clothes in a plastic bucket. I made myself comfortable on a small plastic stool and rinsed my body with hot water. Oh! The tiredness, the weariness smoldered in the steam. I poured mugs of water again and again. And suddenly someone clasped my arms from behind. Baffled, I looked up to see who it is and found my partner who stood there all naked.

My jaw hit the floor. How come he is here? He was having his lunch. The partner had a small bottle in his hand and looked at me languorously, hungrily. He sat on the tiled floor and held me from behind. He then rubbed his whole body against mine. The soap bubbles made ‘pop’ sounds as they burst between the ‘rubbing embrace’ of our bared chests. He poured some oil in his left palm and rasped it between both his palms. He then gently anointed my back from top to bottom with the aromatic oil using his 4 forefingers. My breath paced and my heart thumped with excitement and suddenness of his act. I was coy and cooed on being discovered naked by my partner.

The pulsating mix of anger, surprise, excitement wallowed my body in the amorous waters of passion. The steam filled the cramped bathroom as two bodies tried to adjust on the tiled floor. There was no stopping of the partner. He rubbed his neck and erect lingam on my abdomen. My flabby fat at the abdomen gurgled as he stroked his lingam up and down and around the naval. The oil had a scintillating effect as our oil smeared buttocks slipped on the wet floor and we giggled in chorus. So immersed we were in the lovemaking that we forgot to pour hot water on our bodies for sometime and our senses got awakened only when the icy wind flapped inside the doors. The partner completed the ritual by an intense coming out near the join of my thighs with an ah! and I splashed lukewarm water down to wash the semen away.

Oh! The intense lubrication of oil followed by the trail of pale white semen on my body worked wonders for my mood. I squirmed, squealed, and cooed in pure bliss. My bathroom, that afternoon was filled with ecstatic soundtrack of sex. The rubbing of his hands felt like a soft cottage cheese on my body and my exhausted, cranky soul indulged and healed in every ounce of it. Massaging is that important an art of seduction. Like removal of dead skin cells, a nice, loving massage scrubs piled up layers of resentment and loathing under the skin of our ego.

In case you are still contemplating, I goad you to try this out once with your partner this winters. And if you have made up your mind and want to try some hot action behind the doors, here’s the link to purchase some nice erotic massage oils from IMBesharam.