This Nudity is Bringing Out the Best in Me

///This Nudity is Bringing Out the Best in Me
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This Nudity is Bringing Out the Best in Me

Once upon a time, we wore hardly any clothes. We only put them on when we began to feel ashamed of our erotic nature. Suddenly our breasts, our genitals became sinful. There is so much judgment, shame, and comparison around our bodies. Nakedness heals us, it unveils our senses. – Sofia Sundari

This ecstasy! Standing on a hilltop, alone; hearing the chirp of hummingbirds, the rustling leaves of Gulmohur; the soft grass underneath my heels; the cool gush of wind that whispers melodies in my ears and caresses my computer tired eyes. I feel alive. I feel a part of this nature. Because I have become the nature – Abhishek (name not changed)

This is the power of nudity!

Abhishek could experience this euphoric moment in the lap of nature because he was unclothed. There is a difference between happiness and euphoria, and in this difference fills our world and our social norms and taboos.  Most of us live through and die unconsciously not knowing the ultimate ecstasies life beholds for us. To allow yourself to feel the supreme joy is to allow yourself to be natural. But can we be?

Our souls are covered with dilemmas, fears, and layers of unkindness, that we have imbibed in our growing up years. Ever seen a 6-month-old infant wailing for the milk of his mother in a public place (bus stand, shopping market, railway station). The infant does not know the customs and morals. But we know and thus we cover our emotions, just like we cover our bodies with clothes made of petroleum. I too had become used to this hiding and covering until one fine day, I renunciated it all.

First I bared my emotions and then my body. I started spending some time alone being nude in my house, facing the mirror and dancing erotically and spontaneously. Shaking my hips, shaking the small flab of paunch, undulating the arms like rising and falling ocean waves; and breasts bouncing up and down like an air-loaded football flung far off in the air. I have come to love my body more. Now I love my slight paunch, my flabby thighs, and my lax breasts. I adore them. Clothes do not just restrict our movements, they also restrict our soul and mind. And hence practicing nudity is a great way to chip this cultural incarceration that has turned us into a piece of heavy iron machinery, that is at the mercy of its lord (culture and media), to feel and react.

My friend Madhu Amina shares

Each cell of our body is sensual. We are born out of the sensual act of exchange of bodily fluids. But the system is designed to keep us at bay and be repressed. Sexuality is a simple yet complicated aspect of our life. The sheer act of experiencing orgasm is scary as it exposes the most vulnerable parts of our being. If a couple is committed to their own and each other’s growth than sexuality is instrumental in nurturing love and deeper connection with self, each other and our surroundings. It enables creativity and has huge benefits in our other relationships as we feel deeply loved and cared for. It grounds us by connecting us to our wild side. However, it needs safe space, courage, risk, and experimentation.

It can be a lot of fun to have a partner with whom you can explore your being. Ego is just one factor that doesn’t let us experience this realm. Couple’s don’t even switch on the lights when making love. It’s the fear of being judged. There is a lot of body shaming, performance anxiety, and feeling of not being good enough. Firstly we as individuals need to love ourselves. Get yourself a long full-size mirror and see yourself fully naked. Are you comfortable to touch yourself and allow yourself the journey of self-exploration? Have you ever admired your physical body from all the nook and corners.? Not just the face but each cell of your body, gently and sensually touching it.

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  1. Rohit Singh Raghav March 14, 2019 at 6:19 pm - Reply

    I have been going naked in my house for a long while now, I feel good for my self, it shows me the real feel of who I am, even with my wife in house when my baby is asleep, I never leave single moment in sheding my clothes off my body, and that’s something which would built my confidence up for the coming up steaming hot sex!! Note: ALWAYS happens!!😊

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