At our home, sex gets talked about a lot, and it has now become a way of life for us. As a writer and a keen observer, I get to internalize these intimate sexual conversations happening between me and my partner; me and my mother; and me and my child. It’s magnificent to feel the vibrancy of life when sex gets weaved into it’s very being and not shunned to become a tight-lipped, quickly wrapped behind the closed doors drudgery. Our family indulges in the depth and the emotional intensity of our physicality, our bodies, and spiritual unfoldment. It can only be done through embracing all that is present in life, including our bodies and their blissful union.

Sexual Love is Infectious

It is a cold afternoon and the room gets scant sunlight. The glass windows are permanently sealed with a wired mesh. And the door is mostly kept part open to not let my neighbor Mrs. Sharma peer in my room. So I go and pick up the hooded sweatshirt of my partner from the rear hook of the door. And I wear them. That’s the benefit of being a tall woman. You can effortlessly wear clothes of your man. I take out my pen and notepad and scribble today’s sexual moment.

3-4 days back, the partner gave oral sex to my hurting genital. I asked him to do this because the pink tip of the tongue has the most gentle touch, next only to peacock feather. Love bind or love blind he is, he did as I asked him to. He also brushed his penis to lessen the pain. But in doing this he got infected and this morning he showed me small pink bumps on his penis and a bigger bump on the edge of his lips.

‘See, you have transmitted your infection to me.’ He was quite sad.

After some time, I had to go for my morning jog and thus had to wear my bra. I remove my bra before going to sleep. As I slipped into my white Rupa bra, adjusted my breasts, and hooked it, the man got aroused. And then a sudden squirm. Ah! He bent down and cupped his middle with both his hands. The sudden, uncalled erection caused an acute pain to those small pink bumps on his penis.

I was quite amazed to notice the sheer diversity of sexual moments, a couple can share every day and how it can up the ante for romance. Ours is a mild infection so nothing to worry about. But yeah, a memorable tryst with the sexuality of lesions.

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