I’m Sexually Liberal, I use a Tampon

///I’m Sexually Liberal, I use a Tampon
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I’m Sexually Liberal, I use a Tampon

I’m wearing a Peesafe organic cotton tampon as I’m writing this 🙂 I have never worn tampons before and 2 years back I did not even know that they existed. In fact, this is a defining moment in this one year of sexual liberation that I have started practicing. To me, sexual liberation is about making informed, personal choices in one’s sexuality and it as much extends to products that one uses for their sexual health and sexual pleasure.

But at the same time, I’m also a laidback, ill-informed woman when it comes to awareness about sexual health products. First, it seemed like another additional price on the top of already inflated routine expenses of accommodation, medical, child care, ration, etc. A condom is important not because a committed couple wants to practice safe sex but to ward off the fear of becoming pregnant. I think, sexually most of us (that included me some time back) are discreet about our choices and have never been able to indulge in our pleasure for others to learn and follow suit.

So taking learning from this sexual suppression, I’m here to celebrate my Peesafe organic cotton tampon wearing experience with aplomb and announce my euphoria to the world. The tampon packet had been gifted a month back by Vikas, who is a supporter and the accomplished founder of Peesafe. The pack is a minion size considering the huge menstrual blood flow and so I was slightly apprehensive in the beginning if it can work.

Nonetheless, I slid the packet inside the inner small pocket of my indigo tote bag and left for home. Because I had the tampon packet at home, I did not purchase this time, the regular XL sanitary pad from the grocer’s shop. The 20 tampon packet is so small and compact that in the same space of one regular XL/ L sanitary pad, you can keep almost 40 tampon packets, that is 800 tampons. Aha! My mathematics even in mid-thirties is quite precise and utilitarian.

Today the periods arrived sudden and unannounced like always. I discovered them when I went to pee in the bathroom, and I was sad about knowing that. Periods are always a hassle for me. Unexpected times; killer cramps; heating pad; and spotting on the underwear. How worst can it get? I remember with a sanitary pad, I always had to adjust its position when no one was looking. At night when I would go to sleep and turn left, my hands were always down adjusting the slipped pad. Sometimes, when I am in deep slumber and I forgot adjusting, the next morning either the underwear got stained or my pajama or the bedsheet would.

I was bleeding when I hurried to reach the cupboard where the tampon packet was stocked in a quiet, dark corner. In a rush, I tore the packet open and took out one thumb-sized tampon. There is a thin string loosely hanging from the tampon. I stared at the string and looked around the bud like tampon. Next is the job to wear it, insert it, push it or whatever. I never had a period training before; it was all through luck and bad luck that I managed to tide over my bad days. Today was no more a different day. I clenched the tampon in my fist and went to the storeroom. I cannot change a tampon in front of my partner; even though undressing happens. He becomes nauseated on seeing blood.

Thankfully, there is an instruction manual inside the packet for a tampon-unaware woman like me and it asked me to insert the tampon till the time it is not felt on the outside of the vagina. The thread will be hanging on the outside and the same can be used to pull out and discard the soaked tampon after use. I inserted the tampon with gentle unease since I was doing it for the first time. I was apprehensive as I tried to push it down under. It didn’t hurt, it just felt different; maybe because of the first time use. I had to apply slight pressure to move the tampon inside and once I did it; I exclaimed with joy. Yay! I walked into our bedroom and gestured my partner at the cross of my thighs.

“I’m wearing a tampon!”

In the next couple of hours, as I finished work; I intermittently kept checking the outside folds of my salwar with my hand to see if there is any spot. Because the tampon is so small, I struggled to believe that it can absorb the blood that an entire 6-inch pad does. But not even a single drop of blood came out from the tampon. Plus, when I had to pee, I didn’t have to change the tampon. It remained nestled inside the gorge of my vagina and happily sipped my period blood. Oh! Tampon you are so wonderful. You don’t scrub my thighs like that old, wicked, plastic-like sanitary pad. You have made my menstruation much easier. I can now finally feel that menstruation is a normal, easy-going part of my life, all because of you.

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  1. Adi Whiz April 10, 2019 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Superb Pallavi, this blog recalled me my experience with Tampon 😅

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