Mio Primio Amante| My First Lover – Part II

///Mio Primio Amante| My First Lover – Part II
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Mio Primio Amante| My First Lover – Part II

Part I of the story

I started asking him about his fantasies and told him about mine. He teased me many times for being a virgin and that sex was the best experience in the whole world. The woman in me knew that he was dropping a subtle hint of us together. We started talking about sex and when he shared some of his experiences with other women, a part of me felt left out. My center would at times experience contractions with arousal. It would tighten and my underwear would get wet from the feelings of love.

The next day I told him in a message ‘Make me feel what you describe. I want you to make love to me’. I looked at the screen on my phone waiting for his reply, trying to figure out what was the reaction on his face as he typed. ‘Yes, I want to love you too. Please come to my house at two in the afternoon tomorrow.’ Darius Chinoy The next twenty-four hours seemed like a century lost in time. I bathed my virgin body, extra carefully as it was the last time it was going to be a virgin. I treasured the urge to give myself to him naked. I knocked on his door at the decided time and he opened it with a welcoming smile. I walked in slowly into his house and he held my hand and escorted me to his bedroom.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, but there was a cool breeze blowing from his room. He had his cooler running effectively and his room had everything neatly in place. It looked like a perfect welcome to an episode of passionate lovemaking. He pulled me closer towards him. My face gave away my feelings of lust towards him. I was moments away from losing my virginity to a man I owed my confidence to. He knew that I was nervous and inexperienced as it was my first time. He lifted my face towards him with both his hands. He then planted his lips on mine for my first kiss. I felt his hot breath on my face and I started breathing faster. He said ‘Relax Nisha, we have a lot more to do…’ Before he could finish his words, I kissed his lower lip hard and it was a deep kiss which lasted for a long time. I treasured the taste of his lips with his firm jaw eating into my face.

It was the first time I had felt a man’s stubble with my lips. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled his face into mine as I kept kissing him. Our bodies were pressed hard against each other and I could feel a hard bulge growing in his pants against my crotch which started jerking softly towards it. His tongue explored every part of my mouth while trying to find mine. He found my tongue and gently sucked hard onto it pulling it into his mouth. Pangs of passion went through my entire body and my flower was getting wet. My virgin center ached for occupation as it rubbed against his hard manhood. We kissed deeply for a few minutes and this foreplay was heading in the right direction.

He pulled his T-shirt over his head and I saw a perfectly chiseled chest with a few grey strands of hair on it. He pulled me closer and I felt my left cheek on his bare chest. My heart was beating fast and I could hear the gentle rhythm of his heartbeat. I clasped my hands around his waist tightly. His smell, his taste, gave me emotions like the virgin rain hitting my face during the season’s first downpour. While kissing him, I started moaning while the only sound I heard from him was his deep hot breath on my face and neck. My lips were swollen from his kisses and his lips were wet from my tongue. I felt his arms and could see strong muscle. This was the man a woman should lose her virginity to.

He looked like a Greek God with that body of his. I was still yet to see his manhood. I tried to gauge its girth from the evident bulge in his pants. He gently tugged my T-shirt with both his hands and pulled it over my head as my hands went up in surrender. My 34DD breasts stood firm together in my black bra. He has requested me to wear a Black one. He looked admiringly at both my breasts and gently ran both his hands over the velvet material of my bra. With one swift unexpected move of his left hand, he unhooked the bra and my breasts stood free in front of him waiting to be eaten, to be bitten, to be crushed, etc. My nipples went hard with the first touch from his fingers. He cupped my virgin breasts with both his strong hands. He was the first person to ever see my breasts and his appreciation of them made me feel proud of my assets.

He seemed to know exactly, how to treat them. My trainer got down on his knees and his head bobbed up and down, as his wet tongue searched hungrily for my brown nipples. He gently flicked his tongue on my nipples and I suddenly squealed in delight. The sudden sound I made got him to gently cover my mouth to avoid another squeal from coming. I wrapped my arms around the back of his head and kept crushing his face against my womanhood. I welcomed everything that he was doing with my virgin body. I realized it was time for me to reach out for what I yearned for. I lowered his pants below his waist and there it stood. The most beautiful thing I had seen in a long time. He had a neatly trimmed bush and his uncircumcised shaft was about seven inches long but extremely thick. My heart skipped with glee and my small hand got hold of it for the first time. I barely managed to get my fingers around the girth.

My lover looked at my expressions of admiration. He gently guided my head towards his shaft and I opened my mouth to welcome it. I gripped my hands on his masculine thighs and started sucking softly. The taste and the feeling were divine. I could feel his veins throbbing in my mouth as my tongue circled around the girth looking for freedom. His hands started moving my head gently to and fro as we moved in sync. I moved up and down his thick package and could feel it rock hard. I looked up at him with my eyes. ‘Oh Nisha, you suck like a dream’ he managed to murmur softly with his head looking upwards and eyes closed. The flattery made me suck more with motion and feeling. My yoni was already wet and I wondered how it would feel with that monster in it. I suddenly realized the pain could be unbearable but my desire to get penetrated was stronger. He pulled my face away ‘I need to save my seed for your center’.

He then lifted me and put me on the bed. He pulled my jeans off with my wet underwear. I let him take the lead. My heart and body were moving to the music of our sounds. I then saw him kneel down and he moved his mouth on my wet center. It was a move I never expected him to make. He was a selfless lover who knew how to get pleasure by giving it. His tongue tickled and teased my clitoris and my body shuddered with volcanic spasms. My waist jerked gently against his face wanting more. With these pangs of ecstasy, I wrapped my legs around his head and tightened my grip but taking care not to hurt him. As I groaned and moaned, I knew I wanted to get penetrated more by this man. My arms looked for something to grab onto with every bout of pleasure he gave me. ‘Please,’ I begged, ‘I want you inside me now. I cannot wait anymore’. He rose from his kneeling position with his shaft pointing towards me. I spread my legs as wide as I could to welcome royalty.

He gently touched the head of his thing on my wet center and I closed my eyes trying to control my urge. He gently entered and his first thrust sent a wave of pain through my entire body. I squealed and he pulled out, but my legs by then had wrapped themselves around his naked rear. He knew I wanted to get rammed and my willingness gave him the confidence to enter. He with all the experience and knowledge he had, he lubricated his manhood with my wet juices pouring out of my core and then with one simple soft thrust occupied my virgin center for the first time. I grabbed his arms with my nails and squealed with pain. My waist jerked with feelings as I loosened my legs for comfort. He started to move back and forth slowly and my pain changed to indescribable pleasure.

As we gathered momentum, ‘Come inside me, please’ I begged. His thick organ was in my virgin center and it was completely occupied. We were bathed in sweat completely and it seemed to make the session more enjoyable. He then lay his chest down on mine as we went into a missionary position and he banged me hard. This went on for a long time as I wanted my hole to bullied and encroached and occupied by his hard shaft. The thrusts picked up speed and our bodies knew we were close to climaxing together. He grabbed my ear and I wrapped my legs violently with my nails digging into his muscled arms. I screamed and I heard his first groan when we finally climaxed.

Steaming hot liquids from shaft poured into every corner of my occupied center and I squirted onto the walls of his shaft. Our bed was drenched in the liquids of our love from that afternoon. Daniel put his head to rest on my breasts. I hugged his head with my sweaty arms planting a gentle kiss on his head. His name was Daniel Card and I fell in love with him. He was ‘My First Lover or Ii Mio Primio Amante in Italian’. Seven years have gone by and I live in Italy now. Thanks to the confidence and skills that he gave me that afternoon, my Italian lovers have never been disappointed. I have had fourteen lovers in these seven years gone by, but I still remember Daniel. We knew we could never be together. But we do meet up occasionally and make wild passionate love, while I tell him about the other men I have had sex with. He is married now but that doesn’t stop us from experiencing each other as ‘La sua sola vita or its one life’. Con Amore Nisha

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