When the Skies Made Love to Her

///When the Skies Made Love to Her
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When the Skies Made Love to Her

The skies above that tiny hill at the end of the town were in a passionate turmoil. The hues confused, an identity crisis created of its own accord. The brilliant blues fought furiously with the dimming yellows; inflamed reds pushing against the white. The sky found a small house and peered into its tiny window that separated her world from its own.

Her room was filled with darkness! With only the window bringing a speck of light in her life, it did not take her long to figure where to look. The tints changed with an enraged pace on the cream coloured wall that was rich with patterns of seeped water. She was almost as old as the last time the room had been painted, the blotches on the wall were reflecting on her skin better than they did in the mirror. The window begged for her to open it and despite the stench of despair and self-pity nearly suffocating her, she kept it closed. Opening herself to the world had cost her everything she had.

But the curious change in the skies had taken over the numbness of her body and mind that she had lived with for years and she opened the window. A blast of air threw her off balance. Steadying herself, she looked up at the chaotic sky. One part of the sky was filled with the sun hiding behind her house and the ill-fated town that had always brought despicable men to her, while the other part visible to her looked like a badly mixed palette of water colours. She thoughtfully lowered her eyes and tears fell on her palms.

She was unable to understand if the tumultuous skies were a reflection of her mental state or her mind was mischievously reflecting what it saw. Her body seemed to read the signs from above, beckoning it to open herself, to allow her to take in all the colours and mix them into a fanatical piece of art that can only be created by the union of an empty soul and a troubled mind.

Sitting there out in the open with no one around for miles she felt at peace. The peace, however, was only as confused as her body was. She lay down on the grass, opened her eyes wide and looked at the sky. She immediately shut them as if to seal the image in her mind and not let go. She did not want to let go of the colourful image that had brought her out in the open, forcing her to open herself to the nakedness of the space. Her lips curled within themselves trying to kiss the skies, her tongue running on the unevenness of the lips, tasting the rawness of the skin. She let her saliva run from the join of her lips. Today, she was not going to resist anything.

The clouds thundered and she shuddered for a moment. The skies had just consented to her thoughts and had unwittingly become a willing participant in her act. She opened the first button of her very loose shirt and then the second, slowly. She allowed all the colours to enter her from the cleavage. She filled them all into her supple yet firm breasts. She soon realized that her bra was becoming a hindrance and in the interest of opening herself to the pleasurable skies, she lifted her back just a bit and put her hand behind to unhook it in one swift motion. Her breasts were painfully pushing through her shirt to be free. She was freer than she had ever felt. This simple exercise that she repeated every day had somehow felt different today. She bit her lip at the thought of all the hands that had been and of all that were yet to experience the pleasure of it.

She undid her shirt but kept the sleeves on. There was something more exciting to her about being clothed than naked. Her breasts slightly fell on either side and she pushed them together to offer them to her lover, the sky. She licked her finger and rubbed it on her left nipple. The wetness made her nipples taut and a moan escaped her mouth. She had begun to realize the pleasure that had long been numbed in her. She repeated the same with her right nipple and soon found herself kneading her breasts, her eyes still closed, imagining the skies peering at her shameless naked pleasure.

Rubbing her breasts with one hand, she slowly made the way downwards with the other. She felt the wetness in between her legs from above her skirt and continued further to her knees. With only one finger she lifted her skirt and traced the way back up through her inner thighs. The tingling sensation was uncontrollable and with every inch, she moved she could experience a sensational burst of pleasure. When she reached the helm of her panties she stopped. She reached out to grab a handful of grass and ran it over her thighs again; her eyes still closed.

With her hands running the blades of grass between her thighs through her closed legs, she was about to reach the peak when suddenly the clouds roared. They parted open and as if taking a hint from them, she opened her legs to let the sky reach her. She felt the first drop of rain on her lips and they curled into a smile. 

Her skirt had now been lifted to her petite waist; her panties lay strewn about in the patch from where she had grabbed the grass. She once again wet her finger to enhance the lubrication and hit her spot with practiced efficiency. Her head and body jerked from the unimaginable pleasure, eyes still closed and she thought of the countless times she had been left unsatisfied by the selfish men who prowled and fed on her flesh. Her fingers rubbed her yoni vigorously and when she exhausted them, her palm and later her fist took over. Her mouth was now openly moaning. The rain became fiercer, drenching every inch of her.

Her eyes were still closed, tiny raindrops knocking on the eyelids and falling on the side. Her white shirt had become transparent. Her breasts were wet with the pleasure of her nipples being stroked gently by innumerable raindrops. Her exposed thighs were being pounded by the incessant water coming from above while her own dripped towards them.

The thought of being naked under the naked skies filled her mind with more pleasure and the strokes kept getting wilder. Unable to bear it anymore, she opened her mouth to let a loud moan escape as she reached the pinnacle of pain and pleasure simultaneously. The unadulterated bliss that seemed to swallow all the pain she had suffered in her life. She looked at the ground where the sky had just made selfless love to her, the first time in a long life filled with countless customers. She looked at the blades of grass that had satisfied her more than anything else that had been inside her. She looked at the colours of the sky that had just defiled her. This time, they did not leave her alone as she lay exhausted. She saw herself coming alive!

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    You’re quite the romantic one. I liked this.

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