Self Esteem of a Maid

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I'm guilty of exercising my 'CLASS' today. Remember those days! when we had those upper class, lower class, untouchables, shudras, kshatriyas, brahmins. Yes, I've successfully inherited that ostracization and vanity in my DNA and it has made me commit an offence today. And yet the class factor is so deeply [...]

Why I chose to become a Sex Educator

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A decade-old corporate stint, year and half of writing, soul-searching, emotionally abusive relationships and meeting hundreds of strangers. I've decided what is it that I want to pursue. Finally! - Sexuality Educator. Yes. I recently enrolled in a UN-affiliated certification course in CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) and as a part of [...]

How Darwin Insults Your Mother

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Page 49 Sex at Dawn - NY Times Bestseller I felt it necessary to mention the source of what I'm about to write so that I'm not issued a #fatwa because of this blasphemic ridicule. So it is not me, but the Darwin who says that your 'mother is a [...]

My Outburst On Moral Pundits

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Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret ― Ambrose Bierce I hope I'm able to make a notable speech here. I began this page to write about my poems. Literature has a profound impact on me since I was a child. [...]

Why Do I Write About My Sex Life?

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Fan Mail Hello! Over there  Pallavi I hope you and your family are fine.I had many questions in my mind about you and your posts whenever I see your post, I gets disturbed by a question which is restless, and today I want to ask these question to you because [...]

Marriage Vs Love

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I have never confined and defined my 'self' to indoctrinated limits of sanctioned social behavior. It was ingrained in my breed as I came from a broken home. And even in the time much before I was borne. In days of yore, I heard that my cousin grandfather, a married [...]

Kamakhya Yoni Devipuram – Goddess in The Form of Female Genital Organ

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Sex has always been touted as dirty in our culture. We do not discuss sex in open, we have sex behind the closed doors in our bedroom in utmost privacy. Our men hush the females when they exclaim in excitement. We feel shy when our kids ask queries about their [...]

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