The pleasures and perils of polyamory: Some questions answered

By |2019-09-05T17:16:10+00:00September 5th, 2019|Men, Relationship|

Polyamory – the practice of loving more than one person poly (many) amory (love) – has been a cultural practice in many cultures across history but as a modern urban phenomenon, it has been largely a US phenomenon, coming out of the sex-positive feminist movement in that country. Sex positivism [...]

Platonic Cuddle : The Non-Sexual Touch

By |2019-05-20T06:52:01+00:00February 17th, 2019|Men, Relationship|

If you have read Rachel Reiland’s ‘Get me out of here: My recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder’ you will certainly remember this emotional moment from the book. Rachel is narrating her struggle to Dr. Padgett, her therapist. At one point with overwhelming emotions she breaks down. Without knowing what to [...]

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