Tongue Tied: Redefining Sex, Intimacy, and Pleasure

/Tongue Tied: Redefining Sex, Intimacy, and Pleasure

Tongue Tied: Redefining Sex, Intimacy, and Pleasure

We all come to relationships with an emotional dowry that contains fears, expectations, wounds, and strengths. This emotional dowry is learned but it becomes second nature. In other words, your relational and sexual aspirations are based on what you had and what you didn’t have.

This workshop invites you to examine your behaviors, motives, and past and takes you on a soul-fulfilling journey to explore a new dimension of pleasure, sex, and intimacy. All in a safe, private, compassionate candlelit space.

Here is what is coming up this workshop:

Build Genuine Deep Connection:

State of connectedness is our most natural state, and yet we are disconnected from our loved ones and our own selves. We live in our minds but are disconnected from our souls. Somewhere to avoid pain and hurt, we have built these huge walls around our naked, vulnerable heart. This cover, this wall, this guard blocks us from developing deep connections with another vulnerable heart.

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