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Pallavi Barnwal
Pallavi BarnwalComprehensive Sexuality Educator
Pallavi is a sexuality educator, author-columnist, and founder of RedWomb, a content platform specializing in open, uninhibited talks of sexual and intimate pleasure. She organizes monthly “Tongue-Tied” meetups to help men and women embrace their vulnerability and sexuality in a safe, compassionate space.
Reema Ahmad
Reema AhmadTrainer Counselor
Comprehensive Sexuality educator, Child Sexual Abuse Awareness trainer, TEDx speaker, corporate guest speaker, facilitator, and co-founder at Candidly- an initiative to build on ground and online properties on gender, sexuality, abuse and parenting and how these manifest in culture and through media. Writer, poet, abuse awareness activist.
Shruti Sugwekar
Shruti SugwekarEmotional Empowerment Consultant
Shruti Sugwekar is a renowned expert in the field of therapeutic healing. She is a Master Practitioner In NLP, Advanced Life Coach and a Practitioner Of Emotional Intelligence. Behavior being a keen subject of her interest she also followed up on Psychological Counseling, Psychotherapy and Intuitive Healing and consults life-changing solutions to those who walk to her in distress and agony.
Ruchi Ruhh
Ruchi RuhhCounselling Psychologist
Ruchi is a qualified counselling psychologist who works in the field of Adult relationships. She is a passionate speaker and writer on the subject of love and sexual desire. She incorporates ‘Art and expressive movement therapy’ to counsel couples overcome inhabitations and enhance their personal experience with each other.
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