• How to make love to a woman

How to make love to a woman

He kissed my forehead and gradually came near my nose noticing my sweats. Drenched in saltwater, I looked at him with love and lust feeling. I had that passion to cover his whole body through my small little fingers and lips. The emotions of both happiness and anxiety mixed up and rolled onto my brain. He came a further closer to my lips. I shut my eyes.

Then after a few seconds, I opened my eyes to discover that it was merely a dream. What the hell was that? All these appear only in dreams for 70% of women in the world. And in India, should I have to say it? Why don’t these dreams come true for a woman? Don’t women need the pleasure? Don’t a lady have feelings? Are emotions and moods meant only for men?

He gets his mood, fucks her and after he is done, he gets along with his job. But when a woman gets the tempting feeling of a guy rubbing or stroking or caressing, isn’t it celebrated?

I have noticed a few men have only just 10 minutes of that horny mood which makes their balls roll into the vaginas. I’m sorry, men! Women actually need more time while rolling and pushing and pulling your rods. She just wants to get carried away by the attachment you make for her, physically. If you are not worth giving pleasure to a woman, why do you exist in the name of brave and bold? Considering female gender to be the most respected and topmost species in the world, you fucking male creatures should be gentle while romancing, tough while sexing, and celebrate while she wants you.

To all the men out there,

If you have a girlfriend, a wife (if not, I hope you need one), quietly go near her. Mute your brain. Unmute your heart. Sit near her. Touch her hands. Make gestures to her which conveys the love you have on her. Let your love-lust touch be as audible as it can. Create space for just the both of you. Sit down below her. Take her feet gently, touch it and kiss it so softly. Slowly take your hands towards her thighs. Embrace the curves she is gifted with. Look into her eyes. Go deep inside everything she thinks. Kiss her lips and grab her tongue hard. After exchanging the salivas, kiss her chin and slowly wave towards her neck.

Neck is the most sensitive part for most of the women. (Guys, I gave you a clue to sweep off her feet) Smell her neck. Breathe. She would definitely record your inhale and exhale. Of course, hers will be much higher than yours. Let her know you are discovering something in her neck with your tongue and your lips. She should “Mmmmm” in pleasure & desire. Give her this pleasure-break as frequent as you can. Bite her ears gently. Share a dirty secret that you want her to know, which would make her mood spread liberally even through her veins.

What are you waiting for? Make love with your love-mate. Feel the essence of a female mood. Let her encounter this experience, sooner she would show you heaven.

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  1. Pradeep Bhatia January 11, 2020 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    Wonderfully depicted Dhivya. Let me in short throw some light on why most of the men are in hurry. The chemical reaction of sex arousal harmones are far opposite to that of women, and are lightning quick in men which makes holding onto ejaculation difficult. Even before any touches, due to the very thought of love making, the penis gets hardened along with churning of sperm inside. Hence the quick entry so that more time is spent inside.

    Man has to really master the art of holding on to the churn to be able to impart the desired romance by his partner.

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