Man and his Manhood

///Man and his Manhood
  • The Grandfather Rock, a penis shaped pillar Koh Samui, Thailand

Man and his Manhood

The penis has got more symbolic importance than any other human organ, as a dominance signal and, by reason of having a will of its own, generally a “personality.” — The Joy of sex

I am an Indian male, 43 years of age and I practice heterosexuality & monogamy in that order.

The thought and talk of sex, sexual desires and being attracted to the opposite sex has been made a mockery in the modern day. The path has been downward spiral from the days of freedom of sexual expression etched on the stones of temples and books written on it.

I find it not easy to talk or even to write about it, especially in day and age of instant gratification and the sheer pressure of running / competing in a pointless race to materialism.

I am going to focus on manhood, my contribution for procreation, yes my penis. Going further for my pride and ego, I will refer to my man hood as a ‘He’. I wish to personify my manhood.

Now, let’s get down to business. ‘He’ likes to be stoked, played with, by self and or my spouse.

He likes being stimulated vicariously through social / electronic media. However, the real satisfaction comes when ‘He’ is a playful mate in the wonderful transaction of sex, initiated and triggered by mutual love and respect for each other in a husband & wife relationship.

The pros of monogamy, manhood and being attracted to my wife lifelong is priceless. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Being given the gift of a human birth and enriching that with a long standing, deep understanding relationship with the opposite sex (my wife in this case), needs to be taken care of carefully, and lots of time invested to enjoy  the joy, ecstasy that comes along with sex, which is a part of the package deal.

The cons are the current pressure (read self-inflicted) of instant gratification that is endlessly portrayed, projected and broadcasted on the internet, social / electronic media as if it is the best alternative. Instant gratification leads to primary ejaculation, masturbation and the most serious long term impact is your wife’s loss of playful interest and becomes a one way traffic.

It may delight the male ego when a woman submits herself and lay on the bed without any orgasmic reciprocation and you just release yourself out under 5 minutes.

The point is not about how long you can hold or the size of your penis, the trade off in such display emotions leads to loss of connection of the heart while having sex. The point is have you aroused her to come, when you do, her first, then you and do you together come at the same time and are healthy to each other’s basic instincts.

Yes, my priority is to decrease the cons or eliminate them completely and stick with the pros. I request one and all to consider that sex is a beautiful display of one’s emotions with hardly any cons, as long as you are being safe and the desired outcome is not procreation.

A healthy two way sexual relationship is good for  the heart and the memories of a long term relationship.

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  1. Lalit August 7, 2019 at 2:47 am - Reply

    Wonderful and very much sound and meaningful views ,great,I also have this opinion that mastuebation at any fulfis the desire of sex if your better half is not in mood,I think one can masturbate any age

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