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  • The New Indian Express

    TedxNapierBridge: Transforming ideas through actions

    Sex educator and author Pallavi Barnwal will address taboos associated with sex.

  • The Quint

    Want a Better Marriage With Lots of Sex? Pallavi May Know a Way

    By the look of Pallavi’s FB page, Indians, married Indians at home and abroad are going through some soul searching or shall we say sex searching. Her site also advertises her workshops called ‘Tongue Tied’ in the Delhi NCR, where behind closed doors people discuss India’s most taboo dinner table topic - sexual desires.

  • TheLogicalIndian

    My Story: “I Never Had Sexual Education & I Suffered From This Lack Of Information

    Sexual education for parents and young is the need of the hour, because the world has become more complex, chaotic, and confusing. Because media is inundating young minds with breathless calls to fall in love through movies plots based on Switzerland-esque whirlwind romance.

  • DeccanChronicle

    Gutsy she talks

    Other than art and culture, there are regular discourses happening on sexuality. Like the ones hosted by Pallavi Barnwal, a sexuality expressionist, author-columnist, and founder of RedWomb, a content platform specialising in open, uninhibited talks of sexual pleasure.

  • TheHindu

    Walking the talk: RedWomb at the upcoming TEDxNapierBridge edition

    Pallavi Barnwal’s session is all about “initiating a living room conversation around sex”. “It’s just about ‘good touch and bad touch’; we’re just scratching the surface. UNESCO has approved sex education as a life skill and yet it is banned in nine Indian states,” says Barnwal who will also highlight India’s sexual history with references to Khajuraho.

  • PuneMirror

    5 things we get wrong about female desire

    Sex educator and founder of Red Womb, Pallavi Barnwal says she still finds women reacting with utter disbelief to hear they can masturbate at all.

  • MumbaiMirror

    A Guide to Male Orgasms

    Pallavi Barnwal, sexuality educator and founder of RedWomb, an online forum for discussions about sexual matters, says that men would also benefit by learning how to relax, “because they accumulate a lot of stress and tension in their genital area.

  • NewsPatrolling

    SKORE OH! Launched in Delhi Pleasure Gel for Women | RedWomb

    Skore OH! was unveiled in a sexual intimacy workshop conducted by India’s leading intimacy and sex educationist Pallavi Barnwal who stressed on the #righttopleasure for women and how orgasm helps the physiology and emotional wellness in women.

  • Finding Pleasure in every Oh!! – Skore Oh | RedWomb

    Orgasm is new news on the table these days in the circuit of lifestyle. Every other day you see a piece over it but, Is reading or writing on it is enough? It is necessary, definitely but, exploring it better is my and Skore suggestion including all the people who participated at the event hosted by Pallavi at Guftgu cafe.

  • The Quint

    What Happens Between the Sheets in Indian Marriages?

    50 women who met on a muggy afternoon at a cafe in the NCR were at the 'right to pleasure’ workshop to talk about the very things they were brought up not to discuss. Sex.

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