• Menstruation

PERIODS is just not a phase!

Imagine you are hurt and your elbow leg is bleeding!

Okay, let me stop these ‘Just imagine’ lines and directly jump into my life.

I don’t run to boys who bleed (for a very small accident). Why should I?

But your mind might push a thought, “Why shouldn’t you?”

Let me tell you. I bleed every month. To everyone around me, it seems that it is a very regular routine that I’m facing. How could that be a normal one? Do you think you can bleed every month? (To the boys)

And we call it ‘Periods’. Because it comes periodically for a specific period.

Periods hasn’t pleased me and periods hasn’t pleased my partner as well. I’m not pleased because I’m silently suffering. The opposite sex isn’t pleased because I’m already bleeding and he can’t further hurt my vagina.

Periods occur when the egg inside the female body breaks. It breaks and it bleeds. And we have officially named it ‘Menstruation’.

Oh my Goodess, the word ‘men’ is there in the female words ‘women’, ‘hymen’, ‘menstruation’. Just being the part of the word, doesn’t entirely mean that men are caring women.

Every month, when the egg breaks, I feel the irritation. My hormones changes, my mood fluctuates and my lower back has pain pangs. I see a different me on those 5 days. It might be 5 for some, 7 for some or even 10 for some, depending on your body. I don’t feel the appetite but I want food. I don’t want to sit in the same place, but I want to watch a movie for 2 hours 30 minutes. I want to lie down on my mother’s lap and earn her love but I have my office/college/school. I desire to have a romantic talk with my husband/boyfriend, but I understand that he is busy with other works. Life is so mean for 2 days when the pain is felt a little heavy. Two days every month combine to have 24 disgusting days in a year, which means it’s almost a month every year that I face this egg-breaking drama.

But, at the end of the day, it’s a boon to every woman. She gets a chance to become pregnant and bring in a beautiful soul to this world but every month, (for XYZ reasons), she didn’t allow sperm to get closer to her egg and there it begins – The egg-breaking drama, again.

Only a woman can create another human. Women are creators because women create something which men can’t.

To the men – You can’t create an ant, you can’t create even a tree. All you can do it, be a part of the creation. This is just not to illtreat your existence. But to make way for our existence in the best possible way. We value your sperms. We respect your mood. We love it when you go deep inside us (physically). All we ask is to value our egg as well. Only an egg can present you with your next generation.

Periods is common. But not always a pleasure.

Give us some extra care on those handful days. Fill our hearts with love and respect. Stretch your kindness towards our body. Please the periods day! Please!

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