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Sex Tales or Fairy Tales?

Fairy tales are true! – in a storybook. Well, I can draft an enjoyable romantic, sexy fairy tale story, exclusively for you.

But, I don’t want to waste my fair time in composing something which might not happen.

I will suggest something else instead. Trust me, sex tales are better than fairy tales.

I recommend you, in fact, urge you, to fall in love till you find THAT one person who understands your flaws and still bites your ears. Fairy tales don’t last, but ‘FOREVER’ sometimes lasts. But always remember that you should get connected & stick through your mate and vice versa to hold on to the FOREVER life. Maybe, you can hold the eternal happiness of having that intimacy with your partner for a limited time but you have to work harder every day to own it. You might think having sex with your so-called ‘spouse’ is your greatest achievement. Lol, no! The journey of your love-lust life doesn’t end here.

Do you know the fact that having the fantasy towards your favourite actor/actress is just lust (at the beginning) which leads to the enlightenment of sex? Undoubtedly, you are already into the emotion of sex. You are walking on the street and your gaze stops at that beautiful/ handsome stranger walking from the opposite side. Sense a hint of lust?

Invest some time and energy in sex MUTUALLY (you and your partner) and it will drive you to lead a happy, peaceful life in the future.

You surely want to avoid it, but the fight gets along with you. Doesn’t it annoy you when you feel it’s enough?

Well, couples seem to find their lives monotony, because of what they don’t realize they have within. Sex doesn’t just satisfy your physical needs, but also the mental pleasure and keeps the mind fresh. Even in your 50s, you can still look at your spouse like how you looked at when you first met. The first meeting might be in your house, in college, in a workspace or maybe, you became closer because of having nothing in common. Each couple has their story. What is your story? Share the past with your spouse and laugh at your own tales. Hold hands tight and create a lust feel on them. Surprise them by throwing rose petals on the bed on Saturday night. Or maybe, you can buy a condom wrap it completely and gift it. LOL! Every small thing you do, matters! It really does!

How does the Sex tale play a role in your life, in my life?

Besides being judgmental, practically, Sex is the one which unites two organs physically causing intimacy, emotions, relief, love, lust and satisfaction. When your sexy tale gives you so much of justification for your lust feels, then why ain’t try that?

Still not satisfied? Okay, I will walk you through the practical mindset.

When someone compliments you for something, you feel elated, proud and confident. Your mind rests in peace. Chapter MIND is close. Imagine, if an opposite-sex touches you gently, caressing, you produce goosebumps. You wait for the next move. You are eager to feel the essence of that touch all over the body. When the person’s hand comes in contact with your THAT part which terribly increases your mood, you wouldn’t stop it growing further. Would you? Why? Because you want it, your body wants it, your mind supports it. This is chapter BODY. Chapter BODY will be closed only if it satisfied. To please it, you should feed it with sex. Sex is just a mere pleasure which entertains and gratifies your inner-self and calms down your soul.

The more you explore, the more your taste expands and matures. Stop, at this moment and live with the one who most attracted you. If you like the essence, execute the sex tales with them, else get ready to discover a fresh, new tale. Just live, because life is to live.

You have the liberty to craft your own sex tales. Because you are the director and the actor in your sex fantasy. Remind yourself that we are all puppets in this world. We have come for a reason or maybe not. There is no right or wrong defined into the world or universe. We are unbiased, customary humans, who are living for no genuine cause. Your assets or innovations will not be used or served after the world is destroyed. Enjoy the sensational tales until our lands are destroyed by the universe. Moreover, sex is an emotion. Emote it well. Treasure the sexiness in you, eternally!

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