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Side-y, home breaker, mistress and even whore: That’s what you will be when you date a married guy

It was difficult. Not to date even or love him, but to make people understand that it was not that ‘crazy’. Poly-amorous, it was the word I very easily used to describe myself whenever I wasn’t in a committed relationship. But I was confused about what to call myself once I got entwined in this complicated, but exciting mess. There’s something about sins (that’s what people call it), it’s sexy. Sometimes, scary.

One-night stands, flings, no-strings-attached kind relationship attract me. I still cannot figure out the reason. Whether I liked the fuck-and-forget nature of it, or was it my craving for a passionate human touch, even when I knew it is not going to last, I cannot tell. But it felt like love for those few hours. To be grabbed, kissed and tasted – it felt good.

Coming back to being the whore, house destroyer and mistress and everything else, the feeling of victory when he lied to see me, took over everything else. So I can destroy a house?

Bloody hell, I will, and again. But honestly, I am a firm believer of the fact that if he walked out of his marriage to fuck you, the house, home, marriage was already fucked. And there’s nothing on you. So fuck and forget.

Forget. Yeah, not easy. You never know when an affair with a married guy blooms into a full-blown affair. He will get back to her every night, but you, in an affair, are not allowed the liberty to share your bed with another man, even when your married boyfriend is having ‘ceremonious sex’ with his wife – The mother to his son, the woman he promised to love till his end, the woman who gets the benefit of his insurance policies.

You might be sick. Your might be craving for him to be by your side on the bed, with a bowl of soup, pampering you, running his fingers through your hair as you guys binge-watch Netflix. But, that’s not gonna happen. You are not the wife.

So what you gonna get? Well, if you are lucky, good sex, excitement when he lies to his wife to take a trip with you, spend a night with you once a month and give you the illusion of a normal relationship. That’s all.

What are you not gonna get? Love. Concern, Empathy, most of all. No, he might occasionally sympathise, but empathy? Never ever expect. You, babe, cannot expect breakfast dates on Saturdays and Sundays. You are not gonna have someone to call anytime. You are someone who is only gonna be remembered when he is driving to office, driving home or to the gym or whenever he has spare time, or when he needs your body because his wife no longer gives in to his demands of sexual adventures.

Dating a married guy comes with a cost. And he pays none. But you, the ‘fallen woman’, in love with the married man, earn titles. The titles – Side-y, home breaker, mistress and even whore.

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