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The illegal lust-love ladder of my life!

I know & have heard the society telling not to touch boys after puberty, specifically. And of course, yes, I should physically contact my husband only after the marriage. I imagined, a while, on how our ancestors had sex at the age of 13 or 14, as soon as their puberty life had begun. Wasn’t it fun, to be healthy, by having sex?

Common on; life seems to be short enough to keep doing what others wish you to do!

And indeed, there were my sleepless nights thinking what if I would become pregnant, at the age of 17. I graduated from a co-ed school. When I was in my 11th grade, I saw a guy, who is my school senior but an alumnus of the school when I met him. He was good-looking, handsome, and yes – sexy enough that every girl fell for him. By describing him, you might have unquestionably sorted out that I liked him too.

Somehow we got in touch & we chatted for a few days. I don’t know what the name of the relationship we had, but after a couple of months at one mid-night, I invited him to my home. My parents weren’t there at home, and I had my exams the following week, so, luckily, they left me home. As soon as I invited him, he reached my home in just 22 minutes, which was surprisingly the first hottest thing he did to attract me.

I turned off all the lights since I don’t want to disturb my neighbours and honestly I don’t want to get caught too.

When the moment he entered the house, he just kept seeing me for 40 to 60 seconds and held my hand. I was nervous. I was literally sweating. I haven’t imagined this situation and no déjà vu hit me. He kept looking into my eyes whereas I was looking down at the floor. I was blank & blind. Deaf & dumb! He held both my hands tight and slightly kept pulling me towards him. I can feel the pull, but I was stubborn not to do anything wrong or go closer.

He kept pulling me, although I discovered that he was curious to know if I was impressed. The floor was smooth, the surrounding was quiet, and his pull was hard, romantically I went closer having a gap of about 2 centimetres between both our lips. I was speechless, yet I slightly opened my lips. I know something was going to happen, but I didn’t stop him.

He then took his hands from holding my hands and slowly dragged his fingers upward towards my upper arm and then reached my shoulders. I was full of thoughts. However, I liked it. I felt like I was desired for that moment.

I closed my eyes. He held my cheeks similar to the Indian romantic drama movies scene; I had this flash in my life too. He pulled my cheeks closer, and he touched my lips with his lips, where I pushed him off slightly. I moved two feet apart him, showing my back towards him. I had a wall before me; I faced the floor again, for many romantic reasons. He walked towards me and touched my hip, from the back. Oh my God, I swallowed my saliva a bit. My lips were dry. Hope my fluid was secreting.

I was wearing a shirt and shorts since I was at home. Unforced & with no choice in my mind, I did not change my clothes before his entry. Deliberately, he lifted my shirt and settled his middle finger inside my shirt. And there comes, his first touch on my body. I allowed him. I actually craved for more of his manliness. He gripped his five right-hand fingers & his palm around my belly and continued caressing me all around my stomach. I was breathing faster than usual. My eyeballs facing the roof and my body tempting for his parts, I felt that this shouldn’t stop. First-ever lust encounter, yet the best one, I could say.

He was grabbing my waist tighter, I turned to his side, and we kissed. Harder & harder till our tongues got tied into one. His tongue was yummier, which effected me to seize his lips again intentionally. Flirtatious – I was!

Unlike others, I opened my eyes and saw his eyes when we were kissing.

While our salivas were introduced to each other, he fastly grabbed my breast and squeezed it harder, while I began hissing in my mood. I took away my tongue & lips 1 centimetre off and gazed at his eyes which carried ample lust & love blended reactions. But he still kept holding my breast where my shirt was covering my bra. He assumed disappointed that I ended kissing. After endless breathing, he licked me in my cheeks & gently travelled near my ears to finally let out the secret that he loves me. In exhilaration, I kissed him over and exposed my approval.

Pleasingly, he fastened his hands around my body and persisted kissing me in every acne, in every stretch, in every cell I had in my face & hands. I smiled & kept suffering from the gentle gifts he kept offering me. That moment in my life, I observed & concluded that every love should have a lust-side, whereas every lust is not mandatory to have a love-side. Consequently, from then on the love-lust journey aroused in my life.

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