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The pleasure of watching your partner have sex

Freud has said that individual sexual desire is at the heart of who we are, but instead of being celebrated as an imperative component of self-discovery, sex is relegated to hobby status. Can we ever get to live our most salacious desires that we had only dreamt of?
Once I remember telling my boyfriend that he always has the liberty to have sex with any woman he craves. But I have also implored him to ask permission to me before he determines to have sex with anyone he wishes to. It is just to assure the basic understanding between couples and to ensure the safety of his physical relationships. In today’s world, the act of having sex with anonymous people is called ‘Prostitution’. But why so?
Why do men reach sex workers when they are married or even when in a relationship?
It is the purpose that they aren’t satisfied or convinced with the sex which is provided to them. Why is no sex education provided? Because parents are scared if their child would have sex before the wedding. Okay, then having sex before marriage is a sin?
Actually, girl child’s parents are scared if their daughters would get pregnant in the early stage. Okay, let me explain this part in the next article. Let us get back to my life story. He was thrilled that I literally gave him physical freedom. He realized that I provided him with just freedom physically and not emotionally.
Soon then, one day, he decided to have sex with one of his friends. And to be specific, she was a divorcee, and she had a kid as well. I was shocked when he mentioned her name to me. I thought they were friends, but unfortunately, fate played a vital role in my sex life. Though I orally agreed to the sex deal, still, I had a heart that tried to stop him. He convinced me & assured that the faith would never go in vain.
I didn’t expect that she had the same feeling towards him. She knew that we were in love for a long time, though. One night, I planned to bestow him with the happiness he desired to endure & called her for a night road trip. She, without any hesitation or second thought, accepted and traveled with us. We chose to halt in a hotel at 11:20 PM. I knew that he passionately wanted to have a threesome. But he was waiting for me to begin the conversation first. I couldn’t deny that I demand the pleasure of watching my man have sex with another woman.
We halted, talked & talked & talked! One hour flew!
There were two different cots in the room allocated to us. One was king-sized, and another was a single bed. I hope the receptionist knew the ratio of persons sleeping in either of the beds. He & I took the king-sized one whereas she settled down on the single bed. We lied down in the bed, pretending like we were exhausted. But actually, we were murmuring on how to initiate this three-play pleasure. I called her to our bed while she didn’t delay and settled with us. I seized the sensation that she was genuinely occupied in having sex with my boyfriend but lacked the courage to ask for it. She was on my right side whereas he was on my left. He turned towards me to hug me and to simultaneously touch her.


He gently touched her arms and then slid towards her hand. She liked his gentle handling & granted space for his next move. He came upon my body, and it was comfortable for him to caress her entire body. She was wearing a red churidar. He was lying on me, and I tried to push him to my right where she was lying. He wanted both the ladies’ lips on his penis. He whispered on my ears to massage his penis. I did what he instructed me to do. He lightly touched her neck and then her big beautiful breast.

Her boobs were very roaring, soft and delicate. I managed to remove her churidar top for him to reach her breast and suck her nipples conveniently. I lifted her bra to discover the first big cotton candy.
There goes – her big bright boobs in the dark light. I rubbed her dusky nipples and sucked it. He & I had one for each to suck her nipples and to boost her pleasure. He moaned in massive satisfaction, which I could even commemorate today. Oh, No! – we dint stop there.
I kept my face in her stomach and licked it harder. He bit her nipples concurrently. She squeezed my breast, and I gradually held my hands on his penis. He asked me to go down on him, and I did that. I started sucking his penis deliberately because he admired it when I do it slowly. I traveled my tongue from the top to his bottom. He urged her to suck his penis. We ladies sucked his penis so intoxicating and had a deal to cover his entire penis in our mouths. He was heavily mourning in immense pleasure. He demanded more and more and more of the two tongues and expected two more.
We licked his penis and his balls, and he crushed our breasts. We three were into the pleasure zone. He immediately pushed her into the bed and worked on her pussy. The pleasure of watching my boyfriend lick another woman cunt is a boastful pleasure for me. He was wild on her vulva as she scratched the pillows above her head. I sat on her mouth,
and she licked my vulva. This was the real threesome that he was actually expecting. I rounded my vulva towards her entire face until I felt that highest pleasure. He dint stop eating her vulva, though! Then he pulled her legs towards him and put his cock into her vagina and hit her hard. The harder it went, the highest pleasure I observed. He caught her vulva and released it on her stomach.
I, personally find nothing wrong in having sex with people whom you desire to touch. (P.S. if that person agrees wholeheartedly only). Sex is a mere pleasure for our bodies. Unless you are not emotionally attached to anyone, you can have sex. Also, you have to be aware of diseases that might spread through bodies while having sex. Emotionally, one shouldn’t get connected to every sex partner. Because that might lead us to depression sometimes and also too many expectations are injuries to the mind. If everything is clear and you are good to go physically, then why not do it?
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    Very eeotic and desirable

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    Fantastic article…..it’s my passion to have threesome but didn’t find the girl.anyone help in this matter to find good understandable women.

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